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General J.B. Hood Confederate Battle Flag
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Federal PeriodBrass reproductions of  The Union Army. All federal units have a brass inscribed reproduction. Call us for items not shown, we have them all
State PeriodAll states are represented. Confederate Imges are still available !
ConfederateSpecial items can be made from your design
Civil War ImagesOffering custom made items from the  civil war to fit moden styles
Civil war StatuaryLimited edition . From the Vanmark "Commanding Images of the Civil War". Vanmark Sculptures were renowned for their detail. Items on display are the only surviving ones in the collection.
The Limited figures inclde the confdeate flag held by the States Rights "Queen" and the CS Paun

Last one !
General J.B. Hood Confederate Battle Flag
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Slightly different design and backing. The Battle Flag is unique among plates designed during the war.

This plate is available but be cautioned that many schools will not allow the wearing of any item with the battle flag as they consider it racially intolerant. At least that is the reading in Virginia at this time.

Note this spcial order mad in white brass gives a silver appearnce. Same price
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